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Katy Bachman

Katy on the Hill
Washington, DC
Katy is an accomplished media, marketing and technology news hound with actual experience in the business of media and marketing.

As senior tech reporter at Politico, Katy explored the nexus of business, politics and policy for the major tech companies.

As the Washington bureau chief for Adweek, Katy covered regulatory and legislative issues affecting media, advertising, and digital technology. She reported on numerous issues including consumer privacy, media ownership, net neutrality, unfair and deceptive ad practices, copyright, piracy, patent reform and political advertising.

Katy moved back to DC just in time to cover the Telecommunications Act of 1996. As the editor-in-chief for Radio Business Report, Katy expanded the publication’s scope to include advertising and marketing coverage to better connect radio station sales execs to the ad business they pitched every day.

Katy’s business experience includes a number of years running advertising and promotion for Arbitron, the radio and television ratings firm. She managed the department that delivered a full range of communication services and sales support targeting radio stations, television stations, advertisers and agencies.

She also worked as manager, employee communications, Capital Cities/ABC with an office just doors away from Howard Cosell and tv programming legend Michael Dann.

Katy began her Washington career working on the staff of Rep. John B. Breckinridge (D-Ky) as Assistant to the Majority Counsel at the United States House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Antitrust, Consumers and Employment, Committee on Small Business.

Katy is an avid science fiction fan, a collector of mid-century modern furniture and has been eligible to vote for longer than just one presidential election cycle.

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